Discover what’s holding your team back – and turn it around for success.

Imagine leading a team characterized by seamless communication, strong relationships, high achievement, and low stress. This vision can become your reality!

Feeling Stuck with an Underperforming Team?

Peak performance is hindered by hard-to-identify underlying issues.

Leaders in mission-driven organizations often grapple with a lack of clarity, conviction, and courage. This leads to organizational confusion, disengaged team members, and diluted impact.

Overwhelmed by Team conflict?

Constant conflicts and a lack of collaboration create a tense and unproductive work environment.

anxious over unmet goals?

Failing to meet targets because of poor team dynamics creates stress and disappointment.

concerned about high turnover?

Dissatisfaction and lack of team cohesion leads to the fallout of valuable team members leaving.

doubting your leadership ability?

You can’t seem to rally your team towards success so you’re left feeling self-doubt and questioning your effectiveness.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine leading a team who…

Enjoys Being Together!

Lead a team where open, clear communication is the norm. Misunderstandings give way to clarity, projects flow smoother, and everyone feels heard and understood. Our focused approach identifies the issues and provides language, tools, and frameworks to solve them.

Collaborates and Values the Contribution of Each Person!

Imagine a team that works together well, where conflicts are resolved, and collaboration is seamless. Our Team360 program helps build stronger relationships within your team, where every member is valued and recognized.

Takes Performance to the Next Level!

See your team consistently achieve and surpass their goals. Our workshops and coaching enhance your team’s execution and alignment, turning aspirations into achievements.

Uncover the unseen hurdles holding your team back.

Take the first step with our FREE Team Performance Scorecard. Shine a light on your team’s hidden challenges. Start paving the way to a more cohesive and effective team.

I’m Chris Vacher, your partner in leadership excellence. 

With over 20 years of leadership experience, a Master’s degree in Leadership, coaching certifications, and a unique pathway to organizational effectiveness, I’m familiar with the challenges you’re facing and can help overcome them.

Degrees, certifications & accreditations:

Transform your team with our proven Team360 approach.

Based on decades of leadership experience, grad-level academic research, and work with hundreds of leaders like you, there is a proven plan for you to lead a world-changing team!

Each step of this plan is designed to build upon the last, creating a cohesive and comprehensive approach to enhancing team performance and leadership effectiveness.

Here’s how we collaborate with you to turn team challenges into triumphs:

Step 1

Comprehensive Team Performance Assessment.

Begin with a deep dive into your team’s core. Our Team Performance Assessment meticulously evaluates your team across five crucial areas – communication, relationships, alignment, execution, and capacity. This isn’t just an assessment. It’s the start of understanding and untangling the complex web of your team’s dynamics, paving the way for a targeted strategy that addresses your unique challenges.

Step 2

Customized Workshops and Coaching.

With clear insights from the assessment, we’ll craft custom workshops and coaching sessions that resonate with your team’s specific needs. Expect more than just training; these are interactive, engaging experiences where every team member finds their voice. Every session is a stepping stone towards transforming your team’s culture, interactions, and productivity.

Step 3

Clear Pathway for Targeted Development.

The journey with Team360 extends beyond workshops. We design a personalized development pathway, continuously adapting to your evolving team dynamics. This customized approach ensures that the strategies and solutions take root and continue to make an impact.

need some reassurance?

Here’s what you can count on from me.

Confidentiality and Trust

You can count on the utmost confidentiality and trust in all our engagements. Your team’s insights, challenges, and successes will be treated with the highest level of discretion, ensuring a safe and open environment for growth and development.

Personalized Approach

You’ll receive a tailored experience. Our customized Team360 process will specifically address the unique dynamics and needs of your team. You won’t receive a one-size-fits-all solution but a personalized strategy designed to achieve your specific team goals.

Ongoing Support

You’ll have ongoing support throughout and beyond the Team360 process. Our goal is not just to initiate change but to ensure its sustainability, with follow-up sessions and continued guidance to keep your team on the path of continuous improvement.

Expert Guidance

With our extensive experience and proven track record, we guarantee expert guidance throughout the Team360 process. You’ll benefit from best practices, insightful feedback, and strategic advice tailored to elevate your team’s performance.

Wondering if I can help you?

Don’t take my word for it:

Chris has been a collaborative clarifier for me personally, and for our staff team. His thoughtful curiosity brought the best out of our team as we considered vision and strategy, and learned more about our leadership voices. Working with Chris has made us better as leaders.

Dave Larmour

Senior Leader

From working with Chris our team has a clear set of strategic priorities for the future and clarity on what it will take to get us there. Chris leads skillfully and with intention creating a collaborative environment where everyone feels heard and valued. His insights are incredibly clear, helpful, and delivered with such encouragement that you feel like you could accomplish it all!

Tammy Giffen

Senior Leader

Chris was such a pleasure to work with. Chris’ presentations, consulting as well as pointed questions to lead our discussions, enabled us to land on a clear path for the future and provided us with the tools to have successful team dynamics. I highly recommend Chris for providing high quality consulting to your leadership.

Al Heath

Executive Leader

Chris has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to engage and inspire teams through his dynamic and insightful training sessions and coaching. I have personally witnessed the positive impact of Chris’s training on our team, and I am confident that other teams will benefit from his expertise!

Joelle Schonberg

Operations Leader

Chris is able to put his thumbprint on the underlying challenges facing a team. With our team, he was able to step back, assess and give his insights while allowing us to work toward our own solutions and strategy. It was all very organic and measurably beneficial.

Gary Campbell

Executive Leader

I can’t recommend Chris Vacher enough. Chris is a very experienced leader and knows a lot about team development. Chris facilitated conversations that wouldn’t have happened within our staff team otherwise and just a couple weeks later, we are already seeing the fruit of them. We are learning about leading others but even more, about leading ourselves and because of this we are seeing increased trust and authenticity on our team.

Michelle Hartwick

Administrative Executive

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You know the challenges your team is facing. The Team360 process is designed to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Don’t let them hold you back!