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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Team360 different from other team development programs?

Team360 stands apart due to its comprehensive approach, which combines thorough assessments, customized workshops, and individual coaching. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Team360 is tailored to address the specific needs and dynamics of your team, ensuring targeted and sustainable improvements.

How do you customize your program to fit our specific team needs?

Customization begins with our Team Performance Scorecard, which assesses your team’s unique strengths and challenges. Based on this, I develop a program that specifically addresses your team’s areas for growth, ensuring that every workshop and coaching session is relevant and impactful for your team.

What can we expect to achieve by the end of the Team360 program?

By the end of Team360, you can expect enhanced team communication, stronger relationships, better alignment with goals, and improved execution. The program is designed to not only address immediate challenges but also equip your team with skills for ongoing development and success.

How long does the Team360 program typically last?

The duration of Team360 varies depending on your team’s specific needs and goals. Generally, it ranges from a few weeks to several months. The goal is to ensure enough time for meaningful development without disrupting your team’s regular operations.

Is there follow-up support after the completion of the program?

Absolutely. I believe in sustained growth, which is why I offer follow-up support and check-ins after the program concludes. This ensures that the improvements are maintained and further developed, reinforcing the long-term success of your team.

Can Team360 be conducted remotely, or is it only in-person?

Team360 is flexible and can be conducted either remotely or in-person, depending on your preference and circumstances. I strive to make the program as accessible and effective as possible, regardless of the format.