Hi, I’m Chris Vacher 👋

(It’s french. Pronounced va-shay. Don’t worry, I get all kinds of variations when people try to say it.)

I love helping pastors equip and inspire leaders to faithfully accomplish their church’s God-given vision.

And I’ve been doing it in different ways for 20+ years.

I’ve been an Executive Pastor at a multisite church. I’ve also been in Worship, Creative Arts, and Multisite positions. I’ve helped develop leaders and teams in growing churches. I’ve spearheaded launches of new sites. I’ve led teams to run conferences for hundreds of attendees and I’ve been an Executive Producer on two Praise & Worship Album of the Year recordings of original songs.

I’ve also navigated lots of change related to strategic planning in churches and how to connect a distant future reality to present-day plans for action and accountability.

And now I’ve got a Master’s degree in Leadership along with 20+ years of leadership experience and coaching certifications to help Pastors and church leaders navigate a path forward to the future they envision.

I’m married to Sonya and we’ve got four amazing kids, two huge dogs, and a cat who is very selective with her affection. We live just outside Toronto in a pretty cool 50 year old A-frame.

My Leadership Journey

1977 Born in Ottawa, Canada

1994 Become a Christian through the ministry of Kanata Baptist Church

1996 Leading worship for camps, campus, and city-wide events

2002 First church staff position

2003 Sonya & I get married

2005 Join the staff team at Compass Community Church

2014 Become the Worship Pastor at Sanctus Church

2021 Graduate with a Master of Arts in Leadership from Trinity Western University

2022 Move full time in to coaching and consulting

Tools & Recommendations

I only recommend tools and services I use and believe in.
I’m proud to provide links to these tools in exchange for a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Practice enables me to focus on being a good coach and helping my clients. No more “7 tools for 7 things.”

I can connect all of my Google calendars and they all talk to each other so I’m never double booked.

I host all of my sites on DreamHost and love what they offer. DreamHost makes sure your website is fast, secure & always up – so your visitors & search engines trust you. Guaranteed.

I use ConvertKit for all of my email newsletters and sending free resources to new subscribers.

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Never take notes during a Zoom call again! Fathom helps you recall and share important moments from your meetings. It’ll even send those moments to your Slack or CRM automatically.

Connect your work every day toward achieving your goals. The Full Focus Planner allows you to focus on the work that matters.

This takes discipline but this is a proven system with an amazing community to inspire and encourage you along the way.

Screenshots and recording quick videos are so simple and customizable using CleanShot.

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Fantastical lets me manage multiple calendars across all of my devices. And it syncs with Reminders which is worth the price!

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