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by | May 24, 2021 | Coaching | 0 comments

Congratulations! You did it. Over these last 7 Days of Coaching my aim has been to highlight areas in your life and leadership where you have opportunity to grow, provide you with a tool to help you consider where you are, and give you some questions so you begin thinking about achieving the growth you are seeking.

To summarize, here’s a recap:

Day 1: Peace Index

Scenario: Get a quick snapshot of how you are doing by assessing various factors in your life and how they are contributing to your overall well-being.

Coaching questions:

  • Is there one or more of the five areas which is disproportionately affecting your overall Peace Index?
  • What is one or two action steps you can take in the next 30 days to make a real difference in that one area?
  • Can you describe what your life looks like if your Peace Index is 95-100? What action steps can you take in the next 30 days to begin moving in the direction of the life you imagine?

Day 2: 70/30 Principle

Scenario: You must pay attention to the level of energy and effort you are giving to different areas of responsibility.

Coaching questions:

  • What is your current balance? Are you at 70/30 or leaning more heavily in one direction or the other?
  • What areas of your work allow you to invest your most effective energy?
  • What areas of your work are the most challenging for you?
  • Where do you need to make changes to get closer to a 70/30 balance?
  • If you can’t make those changes now, what steps will you put in place to bring awareness to your team that you are out of balance?

Day 3: Support/Challenge Matrix

Scenario: Leaders who seek to empower and inspire those they lead need to bring an equal measure of both support and challenge to every context.

Coaching questions:

  • Where would you say your leadership tends to reside in the support/challenge matrix?
  • Would the people in each circle of influence say this is true?
  • What behaviours do you recognize in yourself as high challenge or high support within different circles of influence?
  • What could you change as part of your intentional leadership development toward being a liberating leader?

Day 4: Circles of Influence

Scenario: Live a life of integrity where who you say you are publicly is who people know you to be privately in every area of your life.

Coaching questions:

  • What’s on your mind as you see your leadership represented in each circle of influence?
  • Have you been intentional about developing this kind of leadership within these different circles of influence?
  • Where have you been accidental in allowing your tendencies to take over?
  • Where do you need to make adjustments for the sake of the people you lead in one specific circle of influence?

Day 5: 5 Voices

Scenario: What’s it like to be on the other side of you?

Coaching questions:

  • What is your emotional response to the idea that what is being said and what is being heard may not be the same thing?
  • How do you feel about position yourself as the leader in a way which serves those around you?
  • Have you ever been confronted with someone’s experience of you being much less ideal than what you had intended?
  • What changes, if any, did you make out of that interaction?

Day 6: 5 Gears

Scenario: Learn how to be both fully productive and fully present in your life and leadership.

Coaching questions:

  • Thinking about your team at work, when are some times you can proactively create some 3rd gear time to be more social as a team?
  • What healthy boundaries can you create to promote and sustain the benefits of 3rd gear at work?
  • What would your calendar look like if it were to reflect a “5 Gears” life of being fully productive and fully present in both the work and relationships which mean the most to you?
  • How do you see this productivity and presence impacting the legacy you hope to leave?

Day 7: Prohibition & Inhibition

Scenario: You’re feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward.

Coaching questions:

  • Identify a clear example of each type of obstacle you’re facing in your leadership – a barrier, a hurdle, and a gap.
  • Rather than seeing these as prohibitions, what new possibilities do you see as a path forward for success?
  • Who says you can’t?

All the best from me as you continue to grow in your leadership journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else I can do for you!



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