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The Five Essential Staff Meetings Every Pastor Needs

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Featured | 0 comments

Feel like your week is already used up because of too many meetings on your calendar?

People asking for just a few minutes of your time and breaking up any meaningful chunks of valuable focused work?

Staff unclear on what they should be working on and looking for clarification?


Meetings can feel productive but if you’re not intentional they’ll become the exact opposite:

💸 Meetings are expensive.

More meetings with more people? More cost.


⏳ Meetings waste time.

Without a clear reason for why a meeting is happening, you’re losing time you could be spending on higher priority work.


😵‍💫 Meetings are exhausting.

A calendar filled with meetings leads to staff who are uninspired to do the actual work of the mission of your church.


So what’s a better way?


You can do an incredible job leading your pastoral staff team with these FIVE meetings on your calendar in a month.

Yes, five meetings:

1. Weekly all staff

  • Do this by zoom if you can
  • This should be a 30 minute meeting, max. Less if possible.
  • Give the information that ALL STAFF (not each individual staff or team) needs to know
  • Tell one story to celebrate a mission win from the past week – someone came to faith in Jesus, a family in need was impacted through a local compassion initiative, a new couple started attending the church and got connected to a small group, find a win and tell the story!


2. Weekly supervisor check-in

  • Every staff member should get a personal check-in from the person they report to
  • This means more senior staff need to be intentional about reaching out to the staff they lead
  • Two questions: “What are you working on this week? How can I help?”
  • 30 minutes should be enough for this meeting, more depending on the season or the investment required


3. Weekly team/department status updates

  • This will be your whole staff team or departments depending on the size of the staff
  • Opportunity for every staff member to give updates on how things are going in their area of responsibility
  • The goal of this meeting is CLARIFICATION and COLLABORATION
  • “Where are we stuck and how can we work together on the solution?”
  • 60-90 minutes for this meeting


4. Bi-monthly all staff

  • Twice a month gather your whole team
  • Once a month do a deep dive on information updates – tell people about new projects or initiatives, give staff info on new tools, let staff know about where you are on big picture vision stuff, tell stories about mission wins
  • Once a month invest in the spiritual and relational well-being of your staff – gather people for worship, pray together, eat a meal together, celebrate people, acknowledge job transitions here


5. Monthly direct supervisor update

  • Dedicated 1:1 time for every staff member and the person they report to
  • Update on key objectives and goals
  • The supervisor should be asking four questions in this meeting:
    • “How are you doing?”
    • “What are you working on?”
    • “What are you celebrating?”
    • “How can I support you?”
  • These meetings will form the basis of the staff member’s performance review at the end of the year so if there are hard conversations to have about performance, this is the place to begin having them!




Truthfully, you can cover about 90% what needs to be done in leading your staff team through these five meetings rolled out across your organization.


Over time, people learn to put “Can I get a minute of your time?” requests on the agenda for weekly or monthly 1:1 meetings with their supervisor.


Staff get excited about monthly meetings because they know key organizational information will be communicated regularly and there will also be on-going emphasis placed on the spiritual and relational community of the staff.




Want to chat about how to implement this and other life-giving systems on the organizational side of leading your church? I’m doing this all the time with churches just like yours. 


Reach out and let’s start a conversation.


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