10 Interview Questions to Gauge Alignment with Your Church’s Mission and Vision

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How to Hire Team Members that Fit Your Culture and Chemistry

As a pastor, one of the most important things you can do is cultivate a healthy team dynamic. Your team is responsible for carrying out the mission of your church, and everyone must work together harmoniously. That’s why, when you’re hiring new team members, it’s so important to make sure they’re not only qualified for the job, but also a good fit with your team culture and chemistry. Here are TEN key questions to ask during the interview process to ensure you’re making the best possible hiring decisions. 

1. What motivates you? 

This question will help you understand what drives the person you’re interviewing. Is it a sense of service? A desire to make a difference? Recognition? Money? There are no right or wrong answers, but knowing what motivates someone can give you valuable insight into how they’ll work within your team. 

2. What are your strengths? 

Obviously, you want to make sure the person you’re hiring has the skills and qualifications necessary to do the job well. But it’s also important to consider how their strengths will complement the rest of your team. Are they good at problem-solving? Are they excellent communicators? Knowing their strengths will give you a better idea of how they’ll fit into your team dynamic. 

3. What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

It’s important to get a sense of someone’s interests and hobbies outside of work. Do they have any hobbies or interests that align with the mission of your church? Do they like to volunteer? Are they active in their community? Or do they not do much outside of work? Do they struggle to keep boundaries on their work responsibilities? This can tell you a lot about someone’s values and whether or not they’ll be a good fit with your team culture. 

4. What makes you uncomfortable?

This question can help you understand what makes the person tick. If they’re someone who likes structure and hates feeling out of place, they may not be comfortable with the chaotic nature of some church environments. On the other hand, if they’re someone who loves meeting new people and thrives in fast-paced environments, they may be a perfect fit for your team. Asking this question can give you a sense of how the person will respond to change and adapt to new situations. 

5. What do you know about our church? 

You want to make sure the person you’re hiring has done their research and knows what your church is all about. This question will help you gauge their level of interest and also see how well they fit with your church’s mission and values. 

6. What do you think makes a strong team? 

This question will help you understand the person’s philosophy on teamwork and see if it aligns with yours. It’s important that everyone on your team shares a similar vision of what it means to work together effectively. 

7. What do you feel is your greatest strength as part of a team? 

This question will help you understand what value the person feels they bring to the table. It’s important that everyone on your team has a sense of ownership and recognizes the importance of their role in furthering the mission of the church. 

8. What do you think makes our church unique? 

This question will help you gauge the person’s level of understanding about your church and its place in the community. It’s important that anyone you hire believes in your church and sees it as having a special purpose. 

9. How do you handle conflict within a team? 

Conflict is inevitable, but it’s important that everyone on your team knows how to handle it in a healthy way. This question will help you understand the person’s approach to conflict resolution and whether it aligns with your own philosophy. 

10. What kind of feedback do you need?

Some people prefer regular check-ins so they know how they’re doing, while others prefer to be left alone unless there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Asking this question can give you an idea of how to best manage and motivate the person once they’re on board. 

Making sure you hire team members that are not only qualified for the job but also a good fit with your team chemistry and culture is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive workplace. By asking key questions during the interview process, you can gain valuable insight into whether or not someone will be a good fit for your church. Taking the time to find the right people will pay off in spades down the road as your teams work together more effectively to carry out your church’s mission.


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